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“My work is inspired by my love of nature and the connection to the land, by a sense of place and a sense of just being.  I love the exploration of my heritage and a sense of belonging.”

Born in 1980’s Israel, Tali grew up in a country and time of contrast.  Her hometown of Moshav Beit Elazari was an area surrounded by countryside and market gardens and home to first and second generation settlers from all over the world. “My grandmother and grandfather from my mother’s side were from Tunisia and from my father’s side Persia. The Moshav was a vibrant place of cultures meeting. We were the kids of the second generation that had managed to build and establish a very large and connected community.”  This sense of connection and cultural diversity permeates all of Tali’s work.  From her everyday ceramic tableware to her sculptural artworks even the way she shares her skills in her Mullumbimby studio through ceramic workshops.  

Coming from a very traditional Jewish family Tali’s work reflects an honouring of ceremony, tradition and family.  “Every Friday afternoon until the first star on Saturday our family kept the Shabat. It was a day of rest, restoration, sharing food and being in nature”.  Tali’s slow living ethos and commitment to creating one of a kind hand made ceramic pieces is reflected in her process. Each item is hand made, her ceramic table ware is unique and thoughtfully handcrafted.  “This way of making is very grounding and meditative.  It’s like listening with your hands as it’s all in the use of hands with very fine movements.”  Her work celebrates the beauty in everyday moments and the connection created over sharing meals.  Her platters and bowls for sharing and celebrating.  Her ceramic cups for honouring moments of time out and conversation.  Her functional ware that brings a sense of the special to each mealtime.

Since the age of 16 Tali worked and saved in order to travel.  Her first trip to Paris to see the Mona Lisa and great European paintings “live”.  Travelling and studying internationally has brought a stylistic depth to Tali’s work and an openness to cultural inspiration.  It was love though that decided where she would lay down her roots whilst travelling in Australia.  Married to beautiful singer, writer, baker and surfer and mother to two beautiful kids she has made her home in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales.  Her ceramics studio in Mullumbimby is a space that welcomes the community through Tali’s ceramic workshops for adults as well as a public creative workshop space.

Moving to Australia and making her home in the Byron Bay region has brought an even deeper connection to nature.   The textures and hand made glazes reflect the natural world around her, an area of luscious bushland and expansive coast line.  “When you live in Australia you feel a very strong connection to the earth but as well very strong connection to the sky.  The sky in the southern hemisphere feels very open, a vividness of dark blue.  Yet if you find yourself walking in the hinterland on a property you can really feel the blackness.  It’s also a beautiful area full of green mountains.  Living very close to the coast line so I really enjoy the ebbs and flow of the ocean and the tides, I love the different types of greens and blues. It’s fantastic to be able to breathe all these colours into your body and then carry it to the studio to create new work.”



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