The Magic of Raku Firing  

Come and experience the hands-on magic of the ancient art of Japanese Raku Firing.

KERAMIKA studio guided by internationally recognized Raku specialist Shirley Battrick.

Only 10 places available

Raku means “enjoyment” in Japanese. This ceramic firing technique dates back to the 16th century.  In this process of firing the pots are fired at low firing temperatures and are removed from the kiln while still glowing hot (red hot) and placed straight into combustible materials like sawdust and paper.


The drastic cooling process and lack of oxygen creates very special and unique surface patterns and colours. Depending on what effect the artist wants and the glaze that been used, the pottery is either instantly cooled in water, cooled slowly in the open air, or placed in a barrel filled with combustible material. Water immediately cools the pottery, stopping the chemical reactions of the glaze and fixing the colours. The results of these techniques create a fairly porous vessel with a range from bright crackled glazes through to a deep copper lustre set off against the black of unglazed areas.


It’s a truly beautiful and magical process to be involved in.


This workshop suitable for adults of all abilities, from students who are fairly new to ceramics as well as more experienced students and artists wishing to develop their skills.


About the tutor:

Shirley is a ceramic artist and teacher who has worked and studied in the U.S.A, Canada and Australia. She holds and Diploma of Art (Ceramics) from ANU university in Canberra, has 2 years independent study at the Craft Guild of Dallas, Addison, Texas USA and a Ceramic Arts Certificate (alternative firing), Farmington Valley Art Centre, Avon, Connecticut USA. She was a finalist in the Gold Coast International Ceramic Art Award and Highly Commended at the Trinity Art Show.

She participates in the GCPAI annual exhibition Complementary Group of Pots. She has developed her own range of raku glazes which are available in pottery supply shops all around Australia.


This Raku Workshop includes:

  • Morning tea
  • Introduction
  • About the raku firing and techniques
  • About glazes (colours, effects, warnings, how to use)
  • Tools and tips (masking, waxing, etc.)
  • Introduction to the kiln, features and safety
  • Glazing your work with Shirley Battrick unique glazes (5 glazes to choose from)
  • Firing process
  • Taking home your own creation


What to bring:

*4-5 vessels or sculpture (mug size) already fired to 1000c (bisque fired)

Please note your work should be made with recommended clay bodies as:

Clayworks LGH, Walkers special stoneware, Feenyes BRT or HB.

You can buy these clays at KERAMIKA studio.

Please note other clay bodies not listed have not been tested or are not suitable for this type of firing.

If you don’t have any vessels suitable these will be available for purchase but must be pre-ordered with Tali at Keramika by June 30th.  Vessels are priced from $15-$25

*Your Lunch

 What to wear:

  • Comfortable clothing, Full leg and arm covering is essential in Natural fabric (long  dresses or long skirts are not suitable)
  • Long hair should be tied back
  • Full cover Closed shoes
  • In case of breathing allergies or sensitive airways mask is recommended

 Term and Conditions:

  • In case that you can’t make it to the workshop no refund will be available.
  •  Keramika Studio will not be responsible for any damage to work or clothing due to the nature of Raku Firing. Health and safety are an important feature of my Workshops. It is your responsibility to follow all instructions given on or before the day. 

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